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2 years ago



Sandie was hard to breathe.. he was recording the irregular on the phone to hear. She shivered a little and blindfolded with a silk cloth, always hanging on the bedpost, just because it suited their room color ! She was kneeling on the PC chair outside his window with his ass towards the framework, clinging to the back of the chair and the rest home phone with the other hand....... "Ooooh God," he thought, "What the hell am I doing here ? " It was ridiculous, he thought, but had its sooo rockettube hot... sooo wet. She felt her pussy lips spread to reveal a pink interior beam, inviting all who could see. " What do you hear ? " Said Sandy " Nothing more than you," said... "'No need to wait a little longer... oooh God in the window! " There Bill in silence between the buildings rockettube and came before his open window... They amused themselves open account, dass.. Christians should have done as he leaves the house ! Jesus! There rockettube it was, except for a chAir with his beautiful ass stuck to it almost in his face, and damn, could not believe it.... even blindfolded... waiting, as if receiving instructions from... yes it was... rockettube was given instructions... whose on the phone! His lips had begun to spread, and could see the glistening wet from where it was before the window! He stuck his head, listening and acknowledged that he had heard! "I came to ask him," Bill gently "He's talking to me," Sandy said into the mouthpiece rockettube "' Oooh god, what is I have to do ? " " Relax" said Sandy, "say nothing ! move Your Ass a little if you can move... " that seemed to break the ice a little with Sandie and she laughed almost trembling, for the same time. bill does not need to be invited, was above the threshold and entered his room with a minimum of effort. sand to see him on cam.. He stepped over the threshold... " He comes to you," he said on the phone........ Gasped. Sandie began to breathe heavily.. almost no rockettube air.. want to run, want to stay, and wanted to be president, wants to be touched and felt very close to him instead of feeling. " He's behind you!" "Touch " goose bumps covered her entire body.. her hair rockettube stood on end and then everything was... mmmmmmmmmmm pressed his face rockettube against rockettube her sex........ The nose must have your nose in your ass crack and licked her clitoris and tongue "" aaaaahhhh could not stop... Noisily sucking the air out of breath. sand saw and heard.. That would be gooood, or who wanted to rockettube get away from him n! Bill put his hands on her ass and buried her face in her sex....... I was dripping, face to the network.. flows, which had to take down. She was moaning loudly at this, and he rockettube knew it all the way! He got up and went out of his pants, his penis was as hard as he could remember... He took it ! "II'm going to fuck, "he said.... sand rockettube heard him say... " Tell him,YES! "" I say now! "The Ham, who was able to see, take Bill Sandies ass with both hands and positioned his cock.. I was proud and ready to ram it. No Sandie said they had to be told also.... yes wouldve anyway, but almost, "he shoutedYes ! " " Fuck me " pushed Bill to his penis at the entrance to her pussy pink.. was between her lips and closed his eyes... then a long- conscious movement, spoke to her. I could all the way... feel slippery with rockettube her juices, but exciting at the same time.. drove all the way until his balls were embedded in her clit.. she gasped and moaned and Sandie arched back of the neck........ open mouth as his hands fell on the chair and the phone went with them... now arena could hear everything as if he was in the room... Bill grunting, wheezing is Sandie. \\ \\ n Bill began a long slow and steady pump strokes Rythmn.. , Seemed to enjoy it all the time, what he saw. I knew
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